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♥ March 19th ♥
4 New Justin Bieber Layouts and 10 New Twilight Layouts
♥ Febrary 26th ♥
2 New Sets of Photoshop Brushes. One set is of Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and the other set is of Justin Beiber.
♥ Febrary 17th ♥
New Set of Photoshop Brushes. This is the first time I'm offering these so if you have a problem downloading them please let me know.
♥ Febrary 12th ♥
New Valentine's Day Backgrounds. Check our some of our many other Valentines Day Backgrounds too.
♥ Febrary 8th ♥
New Backgrounds including some from Twilight.
♥ Febrary 6th ♥
10 New 2.0 Twilight Layouts
♥ November 24th ♥
27 New Graphics and 15 New Headlines. You can also use the Headlines as icons:)
♥ November 7th ♥
Added 18 New Backgrounds including some from my new favorite show "The Vampire Diaries"
♥ November 6th ♥
18 New Backgrounds
♥ October 24th ♥
12 New Twitter Layouts
♥ October 22nd ♥
Added 18 New Quote Banners
♥ October 16th ♥
Added 14 New Twitter Picture Layouts. Most of these pictures I took myself, let me know what you think:)
♥ October 1st ♥
Added 5 New Twitter Layouts
♥ September 19th ♥
Added 9 New Twitter Layouts
♥ September 17th ♥
Added 14 New Twitter Layouts
♥ September 15th ♥
Create collages in any shape or size using this Free Photo Collage Software I found. It's so cool. Check it out.
♥ September 2nd ♥
12 New Twitter Layouts.
♥ August 30th ♥
12 New Twitter Layouts.
♥ August 21st ♥
48 New Backgrounds. They work with MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and many other social networks. You can even use then for your own personal website.
♥ August 2nd ♥
102 New Boy Name Graphics.
♥ July 31st ♥
Added 48 New Zebra Name Graphics.
♥ July 29th ♥
So my little project is ready for unveiling... Wait for it, wait for it, IT'S AN OURAWESOMEWORLD.COM TOOLBAR!! It's sooo awesome!!! Not only do you get instant access to all our layouts, backgrounds, graphics, etc. but you can also download 4 free tools which are similar we use to edit our pictures and create our layouts!! See, I said it was awesome. You also get messages on the toolbar as soon as our site gets updated. Instantly access your MySpace & Facebook and keep track of our Twitter account. There are also a wide variety of buttons you can add. So show your support and Click Here to Download our Toolbar. Also added 22 New NavigationBars and Updated the Tutorial on Finding your Friend ID.
♥ July 25th ♥
I was wondering why NOONE was leaving any comments on my MySpace that my tutorials helped or that you used something. Today I decided to click on the comment box and I was redirected to my MySpace homepage. There was something wrong with my comment box, I hope that's the only reason why I haven't received many comments. lol Please, please, please if you find an error on my site report it to me. That is the only way I will be able to improve the site. So PLEASE report all errors to Support@ourawesomeworld.com. Thank you for your help!!
♥ July 13th ♥
6 New Greeting Graphics.
♥ July 12th ♥
1 New Tutorial: How to put a line through your text and 9 New Birthday Graphics.
♥ July 7th ♥
12 New Twitter Layouts.
♥ July 5th ♥
2 New 2.0 Tutorials ... How to Tweak the Bottom Links & Copyright Text and How to Hide your Comment Text only.
♥ July 2nd ♥
24 New Backgrounds.
♥ July 1st ♥
11 New 4th of July Graphics.
♥ June 30th ♥
18 more Backgrounds. For some reason our Twitter was suspended two weeks ago and has not been restored yet so I opened up a new one... Follow us
♥ June 29th ♥
18 New Backgrounds
♥ June 15th ♥
4 pages of Beauty Tips, 1 New 2.0 Tutorial, 3 New Funny YouTube Videos, and 2 New Photoshop Tutorials
♥ June 8th ♥
54 New Backgrounds.
♥ June 6th ♥
24 New Backgrounds. All our Backgrounds can be used with MySpace 1.0, 2.0, Twitter, YouTube and various other social networks.
♥ June 5th ♥
Added a new feature to the site called Google Friend Connect. Once you join you can make comments, ask questions, make suggestions or just chat. Just click on the widget above to get started.
♥ June 1st ♥
2 New 1.0 Animal Layouts, 2 New 1.0 Miscellaneous Layouts 3 New 1.0 Love & Hearts Layouts and 2 New 1.0 Food and Beverage Layouts Also added a new 1.0 Graffiti Category with 2 New Graffiti Layouts
♥ May 30th ♥
1 New 1.0 Love & Hearts Layout, 1 New 1.0 Punk & Emo Layout and 1 New 1.0 Miscelleneous Layout.
♥ May 29th ♥
1 New Twitter Tutorial.
♥ May 28th ♥
1 New Twitter Tutorial.
♥ May 25th ♥
2 New Memorial Day Comments and 2 New Father's Day Comments
♥ May 24th ♥
2 New 1.0 Parent Layouts
♥ May 22nd ♥
3 New 1.0 Animal Layouts 1 New 1.0 Love & Hearts Layout and 1 New 1.0 Miscellaneous Layout.
♥ May 13th ♥
3 New 2.0 Tutorials
♥ May 5th ♥
8 New Love Graphics. Finished with the new look, now I'm having a little problem with th 2.0 previews.
♥ April 29th ♥
Still have some ways to go to finish the new look for the site. Tell me what you think so far. We have catagorized all of the 2.0 Layouts to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for and added 8 Twitter Layouts, 1 Twitter Tutorial, and 56 Twitter Graphics. Show us your support with our New OurAwesomeWorld Support Buttons. Leave us a comment and let us know you've posted one on your page.
♥ April 18th ♥
Finally finished redoing the entire Background Section. You can now use them not only for MySpace 1.0 and 2.0 but also for Twitter, YouTube even your own personal website.
♥ April 7th ♥
40 New About Me Banners and 10 New Drop Down Menus
♥ March 27th ♥
Added 66 New Backgrounds. They work with 1.0 and 2.0 too!!
♥ March 23rd ♥
Added 39 New 2.0 Contact Buttons
♥ March 11th ♥
Added 3 pages of New Dividers
♥ March 4th ♥
Added 14 St.Patrick's Day Layouts, and 34 Backgrounds
♥ February 26th ♥
Added an Html Generator to help with some of the codes and St. Patricks's Day Comments.
♥ February 21st ♥
Added 2 New 2.0 Tutorials and converted the 1.0 Headlines to 2.0. Click Here to take a look at the Headlines!! Some of you have a problem with your Profile Editor ever since MySpace 2.0 came out so we have updated the tutorial on how to clear it. Click Here for the tutorial!!
♥ February 18th ♥
Added a New Page of Thanks for the Add Graphics!!
♥ February 17th ♥
Added a New Page of 2.0 Contact Buttons!!
♥ February 8th ♥
Added 4 New Pages of About Me Mini Profiles
♥ February 4th ♥
Added 2 New 2.0 Tutorials including our 2.0 Quick Find Diagram!!
♥ February 3rd ♥
Added 10 New 2.0 Tutorials including our Exclusive & Awesome Quick Hide Diagram for 2.0!!
♥ January 30th ♥
Added Valentine's Day Layouts and Comments page today.
♥ January 23nd ♥
Added 3 New 2.0 Tutorials and a Chain Comments page today.
♥ January 22nd ♥
Added 1 New 1.0 Tutorial on Adding Picture Captions and 4 New 2.0 Tutorials
♥ January 21st ♥
Changed the Search Bar to a more efficient one. Now you can find what you're looking for faster:)
♥ January 11th ♥
2 New Pages of Contact Me Buttons and 2 Pages of 2.0 Contact Me Buttons.
♥ January 7th ♥
3 New Pages of Album Covers.
♥ January 1st, 2009 ♥
Well everyone Happy New Year!! We made it to 2009!! Make it a good year:) Today we added 12 New 2.0 Layouts
♥ December 24th ♥
3 New Text Hover Effects. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!
♥ December 20th ♥
24 New About Me Mini Profiles including some for the Christmas Holiday!!
♥ December 19th ♥
2 New Backgrounds Today!!
♥ December 18th ♥
91 New Backgrounds!! All backgrounds work with both MySpace 1.0 and 2.0.
♥ December 12th ♥
Our About Me Mini Profiles and Scroll Boxes can now be used in both MySpace 1.0 and 2.0.
♥ December 2nd ♥
More 2.0 Layouts added today.
♥ November 26th ♥
We've been busy making more 2.0 Layouts. Another page added today. 5 pages so far. Enjoy them!! Now you can log into your Photobucket account right from our website. Isn't that great!! You don't have to open a new tab, wait til it loads, blah, blah, blah. Just type your password and you're in. We don't have access to any of your information so don't worry about that.
♥ November 23rd ♥
More 2.0 Layouts added today!!
♥ November 20th ♥
16 More 2.0 Layouts!!
♥ November 19th ♥
16 New Profile 2.0 Layouts!!! If you'd like a layout converted to 2.0 or vice versa, just let us know. We'd be happy to help:)
♥ November 18th ♥
6 New Profile 2.0 Layouts!!!
♥ November 14th ♥
New Profile 2.0 Layouts!!! Many, many more to come!!!
♥ November 13th ♥
New Profile 2.0 Tutorial Section which shows How to Install Profile 2.0 Layouts, Change Your Background Color, and Add a Background Image.
♥ November 11th ♥
Our backgrounds work with Profile 2.0!!! More updates soon:)
♥ November 10th ♥
MySpace announced today the launch of Profile 2.0, which changes the entire look of your profile ( if you choose to upgrade). It also breaks most of the custom codes on your profile, so upgrade to 2.0 with caution! In the near future we will be creating MySpace profile 2.0 versions of our layout designs and adding a 2.0 code section.
♥ November 8th ♥
1 New Friend Graphic and some New Layouts in: Sayings and Poems, Music and Instruments, Miscellaneous and Animals.
♥ November 6th ♥
New Layouts in the following Categories: Dots n Stripes, Punk and Emo, Nature and Weather, Miscellaneousand Love.
♥ October 28th ♥
18 New Comment Boxes.
♥ October 14th ♥
MySpace changed the Music Players so we've added some new skins. You can still use the old ones too. Click Here for our Awesome New Skins!!.
♥ October 11th ♥
Lots of New Halloween Graphics, Funny Quotes, Spanish Graphics, Black & White Graphics, Friend Graphics and Random Graphics.
♥ September 24th ♥
94 New Album Covers.
♥ September 20th ♥
2 New Pages of Doll Graphics.
♥ September 19th ♥
26 New Contact Tables, 16 New Backgrounds, and a new Birthday Graphics Page.
♥ August 19th ♥
New Pages full of Contact Me Buttons, Virtual Pet Widgets, Pregnancy Calendar Widget and Weather Widget .
♥ August 14th ♥
1 New Page of About Me Mini Profiles.
♥ August 13th ♥
2 New Pages of Black & White Graphics.
♥ August 8th ♥
New colorful Drop Down Menus and Thanks for the Add Graphics.
♥ August 7th ♥
Check out our New Scroll Boxes. We added 3 pages of them!!
♥ July 27th ♥
Added New Pages with Funny Quotes
♥ July 25th ♥
New Page with 57 Headlines
♥ July 17th ♥
If you like our site Click Here to Vote for us and Make us #1!!
♥ July 16th ♥
We've changed the look of the home page a little bit to make it easier for you to see some of the new items we've added. We made a few new layouts in 2 new categories, Diagonal Striped and Dots 'n Stripes and added a Layouts Home Page.
♥ July 9th ♥
New Internet Slang Graphics, and Thank You Graphics.
♥ July 4th ♥
Happy 4th of July!!! 19 New About Me Mini Profiles, 4 New Generators, New Tutorials, 1 New Layout in the Miscellaneous Category, 2 New Layouts in the Food and Beverage Category, 2 New Default Layout, 6 New Contact Tables and we added a Fitness Category.
♥ June 29th ♥
new Tutorials. 1 new Default Layout ( George Lopez). 1 new layout in the Food and Beverage category and 1 more in the Miscellaneous category. Many more coming soon!!
♥ June 24th ♥
For your convenience we added a Site Directory. Everything on the site can be found there. We've also added lots of cool Generators and Widgets. We’ll be adding more soon!!
♥ June 21st ♥
Added the Code to Hide your New Navigation Bar
♥ June 17th ♥
Added 18 New Name Graphics
♥ June 13th ♥
New Flag Cursors, Contact Tables and Graphics <3
♥ June 12th ♥
New Look for the Website!! WooHoo!! Hope you like it. Also cool, new layouts in Nature & Weather and Flowers <3
♥ June 4th ♥
New Tutorials and Name Graphics!! If you don’t see your name ask us to make one for you. We’ll be glad to<3
♥ May 24th ♥
New Nametext Backgrounds and Flag Cursors added today!!
♥ May 17th ♥
New Album Covers and Cursors pages added today!! More cursors coming soon.<3
♥ April 28 ♥
New Layout and Html Tutorials added!!<3
♥ April 22 ♥
Want to make your Album look cool? Add some of our new Picture Captions to it. That’ll do the trick! We've added 63 captions for your pleasure and are working on more<3
♥ April 21 ♥
We’ve been hard at work!! Finally 4 new pages of Music Player Skins!!, Comment us and let us know what you think.


MySpace 2.0




Other Cool Stuff







****If you created your MySpace page after April 2nd you

can try the following steps that I found on Yahoo! Answers but I don’t know if MySpace found this loophole by now so I can’t guarantee that it will work.

 Good Luck


                 1.  Go to your homepage.
                 2.  Click on "Manage Blogs."
                 3.  Click "Post New Blog."
                 4.  Post a random blog

                 5.  Once posted go to Customize Profile,

                 6.  Click Go Back,

                 7.  Then Switch to 1.0 should be there.

                 8.  If not post another blog a second time and go back and that should do it.






****If you created your MySpace page before April 2nd then you can do the following:


           On your home page you go to “Profile” then “Customize Profile”.


Then on the top right hand corner Click on “Go Back”,

You will then see the following screen. If you want to Reset everything and start with nothing then click on “Start from Scratch”. If you want to go back to your previous layout which is saved for 90 days then you click on “Switch to Profile 1.0”